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Written by Patrick McNamara

Now that's more like it. I was just in the middle of listening to a bunch of mostly OK bands at best (at very very very best) when I finally heard something worth blobbing about. Philadelphia's Mercury Girls is a Good Band and you can go right ahead and file them in the "Good Band" section of your favorite card cabinet right this instant. If you want to continue reading the rest of this profile first, that's obviously cool too.

This Good Band (featuring members of Literature + Little Big League + Pet Milk: you can do the research on who plays where with what if you wanna) play hazy swirl-y lo-fi jingle jangle indie pop that you will instantly like if you like that kind of thing. Guess what, hoss? I LIKE THAT KIND OF THING. This is poppy. It's pretty. It's punk. It's a Good Band!

As of this writing (11:05 AM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) Mercury Girls are playing upcoming shows with Gingerlys + EZTV and the reason I mention that is 1.) I recently said nice things about those two bands too and 2.) They both are pretty good sound pairings with Mercury Girls if you ask me but nobody did - just like nobody asked me to write this kind profile about a good new band called Mercury Girls. I'm just doing it.

Keeping up with my overall sweet nature, I've taken the trouble of sourcing two Mercury Girls songs you can stream directly below these dynamic words. They're labeled as “demos" and if these tracks don't get this Good Band a record deal or a big time tour or whatever seems awesome to them, baby, I'd be amazed.

File Under: Good Band

RIYL: card cabinets - cuz card cabinets can be dope.

Published June 8, 2015



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