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Written by Patrick McNamara

Muuy Biien is a veery goood (no - sic YOU) band from Athens/Atlanta, Georgia that makes thrashing yelp punk that will make you want to tear shit up or at the very least play this really loud at work or wherever you are because you just don't give a fuuck.*

These five dudes (Joshua! Xander! Robbie! Jacob! Parks!) have released several sound smashes over the past few years and you can find them all here. But if clicking over to another goddamn digital page on the WW Intrasphere is too much of a pain in the ass for you right now, no problem, because I've taken the trouble of copying and pasting the embed code to Muuy Biien's most recent and most excellent album, “D.Y.I." (no - sic YOU). The whole record is noisy and tight and super solid but the hook on “Human Error" (track #2 for all those blasting from work or wherever you are) is what's gonna reel you in because that shit SHREDS.

(Streaming is dope but not as dope as listening to the real thing.)

Muuy Biien recently played shows (in NYC anyway) with some other punk bands I've recently said kind things about, including Bambara + HSY + Vulture Shit + Low Fat Getting High + The Beverleys. Feel free to click on any of their names and get lost down the rabbit hole of their goodness too. Or, don't. I don't give a shiit. I just want you to be happpy.

Have fun blasting a good band. *Don't get fired.

File Under: Veery Goood

RIYL: no. sic YOU

Published June 17, 2015



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