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Written by Patrick McNamara

Hudson, NY's Palm are a band of four (Gerry + Kasra + Hugo + Eve) that make tight off-kilter math punk that slip, slides, and bends before exploding with maniacally distorted shreds. These are some straight rippers, son. And they go all over the place. So do what you can to keep up, alright?

When I listen to Palm, I hear skittish pop of Heavy Vegetable - the early Rob Crow project long since pushed aside in favor of the 137 other bands he’s been in since then (approximation). But you may hear somebody different. I hear the quiet/loud/quiet/explode guitar swoops of Rodan and the Louisville scene they co-owned (with Slint) circa the ‘90s. But you may hear something different. And I hear Sonic Youth because I once saw Thurston Moore in the basement of Duane Reade. But you may hear something different. Hope this helps.

But moving on to more modern times, the band has recently played shows with Fat History Month + Bluffing + Heeney + LVL UP. I wrote about all those bands too. That’s why their names are linked like that. It doesn’t just go to their website or something. A common misperception.

Palm has released a couple of EPs via the World Wide Intrasphere and I’m going to post not one but BOTH of them. That’s how much they RIP. Proceed with caution, though. You’re gonna press play and think you’re in for a nice little pretty ditty and then BOOM off to the races these rhythms go. There are songs within the songs within the song. That’s why I called it math punk, son.

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Published January 19, 2015



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