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Written by Patrick McNamara

Philadelphia’s The Goodbye Party is the home-recorded (or warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, doghouse wherever this work is laid down) project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Michael Cantor. His lo-fi power pop swoops and shimmers and soars and belongs to a precisely constructed world all its own. Although Cantor’s been quietly slinging the goodness for a few years now, 2015 just might be his time to blow up something good.

Last month, The Goodbye Party released “Silver Blues,” a sublime album that shoots for the stars and might now need to dream even higher because these melodies made it, man. Cantor did pretty much everything on it except drums (they were courtesy of Joey Doubek of PINKWASH - a band I also like) and by everything I mean vox + guitar + bass + synth + lap steel guitar + tambourine + programming + come on, man, I can’t be listing this guy’s talents all day I’ve got a music blob to run.

If you would like some band comparisons to help steer you in the right direction, I’m always happy to help with that. I just wrote some nice words about The Sidekicks and I could easily see (and hear) The Goodbye Party jumping on some shows with those good guys. But that’s not happening…. yet. So forget it….. for now. What is happening is this - The Goodbye Party are getting positively set to open some (probably) sold-out shows with similarly solid Philly pals Waxahatchee and Girlpool. Additionally, might I also be so bold as to mention that Michael Cantor’s voice kind of sounds like Panda Bear? Just wanted to throw that in and go out on top with this thing.

Is The Goodbye Party worth a free stream? I pose that question to you with the radio player below. Consider the risk. Weigh the rewards. Don’t take the decision of pressing play lightly. Trust your heart and you’ll know what to do. I believe in you.

Published January 19, 2015



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