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The Best Shows in LA This Week

November 25, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

These are the best shows this week. 93.742% sure.

Please enjoy quickly scrolling through this list and maybe even deciding to possibly perhaps see one of these good times.

Happy Thanksgiving. What time is dinner and what should I bring besides my dog?

Tuesday 11/25: Gates @ Jewels Catch One

If you don’t know Gates you should get to know them. The euphoric post- _______ rockers put out one of my very favorite albums of 2014. Consider getting into it. It’s a grower in heavy and regular rotation at Rockness HQ (that also serves as my bedroom). Definitely see Gates play Jewels Cach One tonight. Live, well, they just destroy. I won't steer you wrong with this one. You can count on me.

Wednesday 11/26 & Friday 11/28: Alvvays @ Acerogami + The Echo

Toronto’s Alvvays always bring the sweet jingle-jangle fuzzy lo-fi heat. Two chances to see this completely catchy (and dare I say goddamn delightful) band this week. You might want to so some day you can say you saw them when you did before they became huge and took over the world to run it with a fair iron fist.

Friday 11/28: Obliterations @ Jewels Catch One

If brutal sludge metal is more the relaxing vibe you want to cozy up to, consider seeing L.A.’s Obliterations. All members claim to love both Black Flag and Black Sabbath. Therefore, think Iron & Wine meets Tycho. JK! Bring earplugs to this one and nobody gets hurt.

Friday 11/28: Ariel Pink @ The Regent

The Regent is finally open and eccentro-popster-provocateur Ariel Pink is playing it. As of this writing, Madonna is not scheduled to open. I’d be disappointed....... if this were 1983.

Saturday 11/29: Zig Zags @ Jewels Catch One

If you went to Obliterations and still can’t get enough local sludge, you can show up the next night at the same place for Zig Zags. They work best when you're being blasted. Bet.



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