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The 5 Best Shows in LA This Week: Run the Jewels + Kool Keith + Rustie + more goodness

January 13, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

There are many good shows to choose from this week. But these are the five best.

So sayeth this music blob.

Forever and Ever.


#1. California X - La Cita - Tuesday - January 13 - 2015 A.D.

California X came all the way from their home in Amherst (not in California) to slay their crunch pop sludge for you. The least you could do is show up. Happy Diving also plays. Read more about their dynamic goodness here. ←------- It’s pretty much my best work.

#2. Kool Keith - The Observatory - Wednesday - January 14 - 2015 A.D.

Hip-hop legend Kool Keith (aka Dr. Octagon/Dr. Dooom/Black Elvis/Keith Thorton) still slings the smoothest flow. He’s playing a FREE show at The Observatory tonight. Yes, that’s right. FREE. Please RSVP to this number: 1-800-PP-5-1-DOO-DOO*

(*jk jk just a jk joke for all the Dr. Octagon fans out there - no need to RSVP - just show up - and it’s always funnier when you explain it jk)

#3. Run the Jewels - The Regent - Wednesday - January 14 - 2015 A.D.

Many leading alt music blobs say hip-hop duo (El-P + Killer Mike) Run the Jewels released the best album of 2014. And who is Oh My Rockness to disagree with the leading music alt blobs? They bring the big time beats to The Regent tonight.

#4. Tennis System - Amoeba - Thursday - January 15 - 2015 A.D.

Tennis System is a local kid destined to make good. Matty Taylor’s sunshine shoegaze features that nectarine sweet jingle-jangle of guitars in a good mood. This show is also FREE. And when I use ALL CAPS like that you know I mean it, man.

#5. Rustie - The El Rey - Friday - January 16 - 2015 A.D.

Perhaps the biggest beat maker of them all ends this dynamic digital feature. Scotland’s Rustie has now rightly earned the title “Dance Jam Master.” The El Rey is going to thump and pump and drop and pop tonight. Feel that bass go BOOM and dance like nobody cares because nobody does.


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