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Band We Like: eskimeaux

February 8, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

eskimeaux (pronounced “eskimeaux") is the lo-fi pop project of singer/songwriter/instrument-player Gabrielle Smith (she also plays keys in Frankie Cosmos). She writes sparse songs with subtle melodies that ably sway at their own leisurely pace and will set you adrift on memory bliss. Bet.

Smith has self-released several home recordings (or wherever she likes to record) on the World Wide Intrasphere since 2008 and you can enjoy them all by clicking on that link I conveniently provided for you anytime you're ready (but please at least wait until we're done with this profile).

Live, eskimeaux is a Real Life Band which serves to make the DIY sound found on Smith's recordings more robust and rockstar-esque (her band includes Oliver Kalb who also records under the name Bellows and I totally wrote about him too). The band has recently played shows with fine people like Allison Crutchfield + Alex G + Rivergazer and damn it if I don't like all those peeps too.

Things are kicking up a notch for eskimeaux these days. The mighty fine label Double Double Whammy (home to: Mitski + LVL UP + Quarterbacks + Free Cake For Every Creature + Crying + Radiator Hospital + more) is set to release the band's new full-length imminently. And while I haven't heard it (yet) I'm going to go ahead and say it's going to be really good because the musical goodness has been flowing from the mind of Gabrielle Smith since 2008 and why would it stop now? Hint: it won't.

Here's a full-length from 2013 for you to enjoy and get excited about the goodness yet to come. Thank you for your time.


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