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Band We Like

Band We Like: Yonatan Gat

November 15, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

The purpose of this profile is to convince you to go see one of the better live bands out there. Wish us both luck.

Yonatan Gat is a guitar hero. Yonatan Gat is a guitar god.

The New York-based shredder (by way of Tel-Aviv) used to be in Monotonix (click their name if you enjoy reading seven-year-old band profiles) and I seriously hope you had a chance to see that crazy ass band before they went BOOM. Oh wait. You did. They played over a thousand shows* before breaking up in 2011. You snooze - you do not win.

Since 2014, Gat's been crushing crowds under his own name (live, it's a band of three) and I'm pleased to report from the sidelines that Yonatan Gat has continued with the crazy ass musical tricks. His live shows are _________!** Also, no stages for Yonatan Gat. Hell no! This goodness is meant to be played straight from the floor. Why? Because we're all in this crazy ass world together, that's why, so let's all breathe in and BLAST OUT.

You want me to describe the music? OK, nobody who asked that, I'll certainly try. Think free math jazz. Think post tropical dystopia pop. Think Zen meanderings from a master musician. Or, just think the metal salute, man. (Listening to this full length debut might help your thinking too.) Whatever works.

Actually, forget all that. Never mind. I got it now. Do this instead. Just watch the live video below (don't know who shot it - don't care) and you'll discover pretty instantly what we're talking about here. And what are we talking about again? That's right, nobody. We're talking about a guitar hero. We're talking about a guitar god.

*so sayeth Wikipedia

**insert whatever word you like the most


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