Band We Like: Gold Connections - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like

Band We Like: Gold Connections

July 31, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Gold Connections is a band from Charlottesville, VA.*****

They play post ____ rock 'n' roll.

Will from Car Seat Headrest used to be the drummer. But he's not anymore.

The band's debut album is coming out some time in the near future (or the distant past, depending on when you read this profile I never plan on updating) and I'm not a betting blob but I bet all the soybeans in Illinois it's going to be good.

Please blast this new jam now if you wish to get back to post ____ rock 'n' roll.

Why the _____ wouldn't you?????

Please note: this jam is good too.

A little more Pavement-y, maybe.

Please note: I apologize for use of Pavement-y in the making of this band profile

The Players:

Will Marsh (frontman / songwriter)

Patrick Haggerty (drums)

Noah Rosner (bass)

*****other Charlottesville, VA residents: Edgar Allen Poe (who), William Faulkner (huh), Thomas Jefferson (?) and The Dave Matthews Band (!!!!!!!!)


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