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LA's Hardest-Working Bands of 2018

December 10, 2018

Here at Oh My Rockness (aka Your Fourth Favorite Local Indie Concert Music Blob) we hand-list lots of good shows for lots of good bands and we've been delivering the goods the same way daily since starting this labor of love and pain back in 2004 A.D.

In 2018 A.D., we listed 5,355 shows for the LA area alone. Just the two of us!

Now That's What I Call Data Entry!

Anyway, as is our annual tradition, we borrowed a free online calculator, crunched the year-end show stats, crossed off all the comedians (we list comedy shows too but nevermind that now) and came up with the *25 bands* that had the most shows listed on Oh My Rockness (LA) from January 1 through the end of the year. We're very happy to bring you the *results* below!

Please note: this feature is a celebration of bands and artists working hard in one very particular way (i.e. playing a lot of local shows that Oh My Rockness, your fourth favorite local music blob, lists) but of course there are lots of other ways that bands and artists work hard. Example A, touring can be real hard. But this feature doesn't talk about it. Doesn't even bring it up! Example #2, playing one super sick show a year that leaves everybody both delighted and breathless is hard, miraculous even, but this feature fails to make mention of those life-changing gigs. Final Example, writing and recording jams. That ____ is hard! Does this feature get into it at all? Nope.

So please take this numbered list (even though all these bands are #1) as it is, a good year-end feature on the World Wide Intra Blob celebrating solid bands that are out there hustling and showing heart and working hard.

*cool clarifications

- there are probably bands who have played more shows in LA this year than those mentioned here but we didn't list them

- pretty possible the bands mentioned here played even more shows in LA than what's indicated below but we didn't list them.

- two peeps can't list every show in LA (we only listed 5,355 this year) but like these bands, we work hard and try to do a good blob, so please keep it easy

#1. Automatic - 19 Shows Listed in 2018

Chilly post punk wins the top slot!*

Automatic is a good band from the cool climate of Los Angeles.

Think stripped-down weirdo new wave and you just might be thinking of your new favorite crew!

Blast their solid avant-garde thumps below but you better put on a sweater first.

Automatic...for the people!

*please note: this is not a competition it's a feature on the Internet!

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Lydia Lunch, Poptone, Surfbort, Habibi

Venues played: Resident, Moroccan Lounge, The Echo

#2. Lunch Lady - 16 Shows Listed in 2018






This band is serving up some delicious jagged goodness!

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Cherry Glazerr, The Goon Sax, Old Time Relijun, Patience

Venues played: The Hi Hat, The Smell, The Echo

#3. The Entire Universe - 16 Shows Listed in 2018






The Entire Universe was #8 on last year's list!

RIYL: everything under, above and around it the sun

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Dead Meadow, Deap Vally, Adult Books, Habibi

Venues played: Zebulon, The Echo, Moroccan Lounge

#4. French Vanilla - 16 Shows Listed in 2018

French Vanilla was #1 on our Hardest-Working Bands of 2017 list.

These punks were also #1 in 2016 too.

It takes hustle and heart.

Definitely go see this sweet band if you haven't already.

Best sax of your life!

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Joyce Manor, Mourn, ESG, A. Savage

Venues played: Echoplex, The Smell, Lodge Room

#5. Feels - 15 Shows Listed in 2018

Feels first made this list wayyyyyy back in 2015 A.D.

They out there.





Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: The Coathangers, Death Valley Girls, No Age, New Order

Venues played: The Echo, Zebulon, Alex's Bar

#6. Girl Pusher - 14 Shows Listed in 2018







Come for the menacing booms, stay for the electro doom!

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Black Marble, Machine Girl, Retox, Beach Bums

Venues played: Rec Center, The Smell, Lodge Room

#7. Wild Wing - 14 Shows Listed in 2018





Come for the cow, stay for the punk!

A Repeat Hardest-Working-Band Alum.


Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: The Buttertones, Jurassic Shark, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Surf Curse

Venues played: Bootleg Theater, The Echo, Troubadour

#8. Cat Scan - 14 Shows Listed in 2018







This is next year.

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Mike Watt, Justus Proffit, Shark Toys

Venues played: The Echo, Moroccan Lounge, Echoplex

#9. Rumblepak - 13 Shows Listed in 2018









Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: SadGirl, Feels, Slugs,

Venues played: The Echo, The Smell, Moroccan Lounge

#10. Prettiest Eyes - 13 Shows Listed in 2018


Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Thee Oh Sees, A Place To Bury Strangers, U.S. Girls

Venues played: Fonda Theater, Teragram Ballroom, The Hi Hat

Rounding Out The Top 20:

#11. Gun Outfit (13 shows)

#12. Pinky Pinky (12 shows)

#13. Colleen Green (12 shows)

#14. Fartbarf (12 shows)

#15. Young Jesus (12 shows)

#16. Sabrina Is Not In This Chat (12 shows)

#17. Billie Eilish (11 shows)

#18. Phoebe Bridgers (11 shows)

#19. Kali Uchis (11 shows)

#20. Flat Worms (11 shows)

#21. Ramonda Hammer (11 shows)

#22. The Mad Walls (11 shows)

#23. POLARTROPICA (11 shows)

#24. The Buttertones (11 shows)

#25. Super Lunch (11 shows)

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