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LA's Hardest-Working Bands of 2017

December 10, 2017

Here at Oh My Rockness ("Your Indie Concert Calendar" ™), we list (by hand) lots of shows for lots of bands every year. In 2017 A.D., we listed 4,953 shows for the L.A. area alone!

(Music is cool but our real passion is data entry.)

As is our annual tradition, we borrowed a free online calculator and crunched some OMR stats to figure out which local bands worked particularly hard this year and after carrying all our ones and making sure x = y when the sum was > or < than abc, we're pleased to report that THE RESULTS ARE IN.

What does "hard work" even mean? We realize there are many different kinds of hard work for a band to work hard at. But in this case, since we're a show listings site, we're recognizing bands that appeared the most frequently in our listings.

The following 10 bands had the most local shows listed on Oh My Rockness: Los Angeles in 2017 A.D.

A few important notes:

Please note #1: There are surely bands who have played more shows in the L.A. area this year than those mentioned here -- we just didn't list them.

Please note #2: It's possible that the bands mentioned here played even more shows in L.A. area than what's indicated below -- we just didn't list them.

Please note #3: We're only two people and we can't list every show (again, we only listed 4,953 this year); we make choices.

Please note #4: If you're in a band and you've read the first three notes and you still complain about this list please don't forget to breathe and remember we're all living on a round rock that's spinning in space.

#1. French Vanilla - 26 Shows Listed in 2017

Jagged post punk jangle wins the top spot!*


Now that's what we call working hard.

Come for the bass. Stay for the sax.

*please note: this isn't a competition and we have no trophies and zero ribbons for each and every participant

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Charly Bliss, Upset, SadGirl, The Make-Up

Most-played venues: The Echo, The Hi Hat, The Smell

#2. Shannon Lay - 23 Shows Listed in 2017

Shannon Lay's pretty indie folk is practically pleasant in every way.

Her music should be added to your Sunday morning playlist, for sure.

Bands she's played with: Kevin Morby, The Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Bleached

Most-played venues: Bootleg Theater, Teragram Ballroom, The Hi Hat

#3. BOYO - 20 Shows Listed in 2017

Hazy indie pop!

Goes great with chilling.

Everybody must get ______.

*the word we're looking for is stoned

Bands they played with: SadGirl, Ratboys, Surf Curse, Chastity Belt

Most-played venues: Bootleg Theater, The Hi Hat, The Glass House

#4. Avi Buffalo - 18 Shows Listed in 2017

For a band (main constant: Avigdor Benyamin Zahner-Isenberg) that broke up in 2015 A.D., they sure did play a lot of shows this year!

Glad they're back.

RIYL: good solid indie rock

Bands they played with: Winter, Julie Byrne, Imaad Wasif

Most-played venues: Bootleg Theater, Ham & Eggs Tavern, The Hi Hat

#5. Jurassic Shark - 17 Shows Listed in 2017

Lo-fi jingle jangle bedroom punk!

Jurassic Shark was #11 on our list last year.

It takes hustle / heart / talent.

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Hovvdy, No Parents, CRX, The Paranoyds

Most-played venues: The Smell, The Echo, Bootleg Theater

Untitled#6. Dream Phases - 17 Shows Listed in 2017

Fuzzy journeys to outer space.

In the very near future there's gonna be driverless cars to Mars, mannnn.

Bands they played with: Gringo Star, The Blank Tapes, GospelbeacH

Most-played venues: Harvard & Stone, The Satellite, Bootleg Theater

#7. Pinky Pinky - 17 Shows Listed in 2017

Pinky Pinky Plays Proto-Prog Pretty Perfectly.

Bands they played with: Jay Som, Diet Cig, The Coathangers, The Buttertones

Most-played venues: The Echo, The Hi Hat, The Glass House

#8. The Entire Universe - 17 Shows Listed in 2017

Glam garage powered by the sun.

Get psyched!

Bands they played with: Boytoy, Warbly Jets, Reggie Watts, Curtis Harding

Most-played venues: Harvard & Stone, Zebulon

#9. Moaning - 16 Shows Listed in 2017

Since coming in at #7 on this list last year, Moaning got signed to Sub Pop.

They worked hard for it.

File Under: the punk rock

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Soccer Mommy, Stef Chura, Adult Books, Dungen

Most-played venues: The Echo, Bootleg Theater, Non Plus Ultra

#10. Feels - 16 Shows Listed in 2017

Feels was #2 on our list last year and #3 in 2015.


(please note: they also rule)

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Hot Snakes, Meatbodies, Wild Wing, Black Mountain

Most-played venues: The Echo, Zebulon, The Smell

Rounding Out The Top 20:

#11 Part Time (15 shows)

#12 Goon (15 shows)

#13 Wild Wing (15 shows)

#14 Alyeska (15 shows)

#15 Steel Panther (15 shows)

#16 Moon Honey (14 shows)

#17 Fatal Jamz (14 shows)

#18 Winter (14 shows)

#19 Egrets On Ergot (14 shows)

#20 Ramonda Hammer (14 shows)

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