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The 5 Best Shows in LA This Week

October 21, 2014
Written by Patrick McNamara

There are many good shows in LA this week. But there are only 5 shows that are worth your time, patience, money and energy. If a show you’re interested in is NOT on this list below it stinks!

JK I luv u, bb bae bae boo boo. And, like, what does “subjective” even mean, man?

#1. TV on the Radio - The Fonda + The Mayan - Wed/Thurs - October 22/23 - 2014 A.D.

This Brooklyn band has been slinging the hits since 2001. Pick one of two venues (or both if you’re a hardcore TVOTR head) and go see them this week. They’ll most certainly play songs off their upcoming album - their first in 3 years. But be sure to stick around for the deep catalog cuts, too. TV on the Radio: 13 years of staring at the sun.

#2. Big Ups + LVL UP - The Observatory + Jewels Catch One - Thurs/Fri - October 23/24 - 2014 A.D.

Speaking of Brooklyn and bands that are good, Big Ups and LVL UP play a couple shows together and I appreciate that for more than just name symmetry. Big Ups play aggressively fun “smart” shreds for punker rockers and those who love them. LVL UP will lo-fi up your fuzzy heart and fix that murmur of discontent STAT. Two bands for one = a good deal.

#3. Songs of Warhol Films - Royce Hall (UCLA) - Friday - October 24th - 2014 A.D.

Consider heading over to UCLA (pronounced: YOU-CLAE) tonight if you like Andy Warhol and mostly famous people playing songs from the super famous soup man’s unreleased films. Mostly famous people participating = Tom Verlaine of Television + Dean Wareham of Galaxie 500 + Eleanor Friedberger of The Fiery Furnaces + Bradford Cox of Deerhunter. Also. Wanna watch an Andy Warhol documentary now? You do? Great! Here ya go!

#4. Mineral - The Roxy + The Glass House - Fri/Sat/Sun - October 24/25/26 - 2014 A.D.

Perhaps the emo-ist band of the emo ‘90s have reunited, don’t you know. I already saw Mineral on this "Hello Again - Let's Cry Some More Tour" and they sounded better than when they were around the first time. I love when that happens. Don’t forget to bring your tear stained diary from 1997 to get signed. Also. You can sing along to the choruses, of course, but let Chris Simpson handle the verses, will ya? He’s better at it. Cool. Thanks. The following is the best Mineral song that they didn't play when I saw them. :(

#5. BEACH GOTH - The Observatory - Saturday - October 25th - 2014 A.D.

HEY BU-DDY. This one had me at “Hosted by Pauly Shore.” And if The Encino Weasel Man approves of something/anything, who am I to say otherwise? There are a lot of good bands playing this thing, actually. Would you like to know some of their names? Great! Try The Drums + Joyce Manor + Cherry Glazerr + Foxgyen + Com Truise + Bleached + DIIV on for size. And I totally didn’t just list them all. That’s so Totally Pauly! I always believed The Weasel, even after the Hollywood missteps of “Son in Law” + “In the Army Now” + “Jury Duty” + “Bio-Dome.” Good to have you back, BU-DDY.



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