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Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC's Nonsense play post _______ punk that's loud and melodic and tight. The shrieks are solid and the shreds are on point so if you're looking for some aggressive musical action it's here, man, it's all right here.

The duo (Katelyn Triolo on vocals/drums + Tyler Kane on vocals/guitars) have played out a bunch at night (that's how they're getting so tight, I'd imagine, but I first need to research if there's a correlation between practice and quality of performance before I can make such a bold claim). Since forming circa 2014 - maybe it was 2013, I don't know, nobody's reading this for facts - Nonsense has shared the stage with the following bands: Perfect Pussy + Sunflower Bean + Mannequin Pussy + Vulture Shit + Big Ups + Nine of Swords + Vulture Shit + Palm + well, that's plenty of good bands I've already written about to keep you busy should you want to click on their names and learn about them some more too.

Below are three self-released songs off self-titled THUNDER written by Nonsense for YOU. Stream them now. Do it. Do it right now. Do it.

Works best if you blast it.

And what the hell, here are two more songs for when you're done blasting those up above because you'll probably want to hear more.... assuming you played them right.... did you listen to it real soft?... if so.... try try again.... practice makes _________).

File Under: Death

RIYL: Lavender

Published September 21, 2015



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