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Written by Patrick McNamara

Purchase, NY’s Nine of Swords are a brutal band of four (Rachel + Chris + Jack + TJ) that will tear your soul to SHREDS and you will love them for it because it’s only rock ‘n roll and the screams, shrieks, nightmares, lightning, thunder just prove they’re having fun up there. The louder you are, the greater my grin, that's what I always yell. Unfortunately, I hardly ever hear the response. So I just nod and smile.

The band has played several shows in recent memory, including ones with these fine bands: Baked + Low Fat Getting High + Kal Marks + Vasudeva + Mannequin Pussy + Sorority Noise + Bluffing. All of those bands are good and are linked to their own goddamn delightful profiles. So cruise down those rabbit holes when you have extra procrastination time. But let's stay with this band for a few more of your precious seconds.

Enough about live music, let’s talk digitally recorded output. Nine of Swords released their self-titled debut 9-song album (which clocks in at roughly 12 minutes - give or take - I counted up the track lengths super quickly in my head) wayyyyy back in December of 2013 and since it SHREDS so hard, they decided to follow it up with another 6 song phi slamma jamma and released it wayyyyyyy back in June of 2014 that also SHREDS. It’s approximately 10 minutes long (no calculator required) and is called “I Can’t Stand My Own Face.” I’ve been there, brother. I find I’m at the lowest with my own image whenever I look into a bathroom mirror on an airplane. My mug is mostly to blame for the reflection I see staring back and me, but the lighting in those things don’t really do anybody’s face any favors.

Today I’m going to take the unusual step of posting both Nine of Swords albums I just got done telling you about (so economically) for your streaming pleasure. Play them as many times as you want but please don’t bother pressing play at all unless you’re committed to blasting both. That’s the only way your soul will explode with glorious delight as your SHREDDED to death. And considering how many ways there are to bite it in this life, that's not a bad way to go at all.

RIYL: what's the deal with airplane food?

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Published February 9, 2015



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