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Written by Patrick McNamara

Pouty is a super solid punk pop band from Philadelphia that play short bouncy/bratty solid songs that will get stuck in your head for a bit and you'll be glad they did.

The band was originally the creative pursuit of singer/guitarist/songwriter Rachel Gagliardi (ex-Slutever / Upset ← good bands) but now includes Evan Bernard (of Superweaks <---- good band) and Marisa Dabice (of Mannequin Pussy <---- good band) and Cat Park (of Amanda X ← good band).

Since forming not too long ago (I'll have my team of dedicated DIY music blob research assistants get on the exact date of their inception ASAP) Pouty has played solid shows with Worriers, Painted Zeros, Allison Crutchfield, eskimeaux, WALL and Radiator Hospital to name but a few (please note: everybody I just mentioned are also good and you can click on their name to read more of my kind words about them but wait till I'm done saying nice things about Pouty, please) and the next time Pouty play out I encourage you to go see them..... OR ELSE.

The band recently released their six song debut EP. It's called “Take Me To Honey Island" and guess what? It's good! You can stream the entire thing below (it's only like 14 minutes long) and you totally should.

Thanks for listening!*

*after you do listen you'll probably want to thank me for introducing you to Pouty but please think nothing of it it was my pleasure and anyway I know you'll pay it forward and introduce me to a good band one of these days too

Published April 18, 2016



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