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Written by Patrick McNamara

The Spook School are a peppy jingle jangle post ____ band straight outta Scotland and guess what? They're good!

The band (who, again to be perfectly clear, are good) was formed circa 2012 A.D. at the University of Edinburgh by Nye Todd + Adam Todd (they're total bros!) + Anna Cory + Niall McCamley. Since that fateful meeting somewhere within the dusty stacks of hallowed academia (maybe it was in the cafeteria, I don't know), they've put out several releases (you may love listening to them all here) and have played a bunch of shows, most recently at SXSW 2016 with Beverly, September Girls, Fear of Men, Mercury Girls, Adult Books, All Dogs and more bands who are the opposite of bad - good is the word I'm looking for, I think.

Additionally, as of this writing (9:17am) The Spook School is scheduled to play NYC Popfest this May (their show is with Allo Darlin) in, you guessed it, NYC.

(side note: another Scottish band, The Trash Can Sinatras,* play NYC Popfest too and they're one of my very favorite jingle jangle bands of all time and it all started with this song but now we're just getting distracted)

Below you will conveniently find The Spook School's latest album for you to enjoy listening to in full. It's called “Try To Be Hopeful." I think you might like it.

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RIYL: Jangle

*I wrote that profile on The Trash Can Sinatras 11 years ago please don't click on their name and read it

Published March 28, 2016



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