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Band We Like

Band We Like: The Sun Days

February 28, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Gothenburg's The Sun Days is a GOOD band.

If you like their hometown homies Makthaverskan (I do so much!)....

If you like Westkust…. also from Gothenburg (yes, please!)...

If you like super solid indie pop that shimmers and glimmers and sparkles and fades….

Well, then, you're gonna LOVE The Sun Days.


Please enjoy listening to this fantastic song “Don't Need To Be Them" from their upcoming album “Album" on Run For Cover Records (home to... you may have guessed it?..... Makthaverskan and Westkust…. and a bunch more solid bands but I'm not going to talk about their entire solid roster today who has the time!)

I really like this band. I hope I've made that clear to you today. If so, I've done a solid job on my music blob.

So good!


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