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Written by Patrick McNamara

Baltimore's Wildhoney is an indiepop band, an incredibly loud indiepop band. Their melodies sure are sweet and I like to soar along to them and feel like I'm flying and free, but the guitars, oh the guitars were angry that day in 2014 when Marybeth + Lauren + Alan + Zach + Joe went in and recorded their debut EP in 2014 (their debut full-length came out earlier this year too - more on both in a minute). This indiepop is as fragile and delicate as a buzzsaw - and so sing-able too!

The band has been around for a couple years and have played a bunch of shows. Hmm. I wonder if this why their music sounds so tight and good. I'll have to research more to see if there's any correlation between practice and perfecting your craft so I'll hop on Wikipedia as soon as we're done here.

Speaking of those shows, Wildhoney has played recently with the following good bands I have had the pleasure of writing about in the recent past (that's why their names are linked like that): Beverly + Sorority Noise + Pity Sex + Tony Molina + Mannequin Pussy + Beliefs + Future Punx + Somerset Thrower + lots more probably. But eight is enough (RIP Dick Van Patton) to give you the good gist of the kinds of stage partners they've been blasting with.

Below is that debut EP and the debut full-length I was mentioning in the first paragraph. You should go ahead and give both a solid stream.

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RIYL: I had to fuck it up at the end, didn't I.

Published July 13, 2015



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