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LA's Hardest-Working Bands of 2019

December 17, 2019

Here at Oh My Rockness (Local Indie Concert Music Blob to our friends) we hand-list lots of good shows for lots of good bands every delightful day of the week.

In 2019 A.D., we hand-listed 6,019* shows for the LA area alone... just the two of us!

Now That's What I Call Data Entry™

As per our annual tradition (est. 2014 A.D.), we crunched our year-end show stats and came up with the *25 bands* that had the most shows listed on Oh My Rockness (LA) from January 1 through the end of 2019 A.D. These bands kept popping up in our listings all year long and their tenacity is worth celebrating for sure.

We're pleased to bring you the *results* below!

- there are probably bands who have played more shows in LA this year than those mentioned here but we didn't list them
- pretty possible the bands mentioned here played even more shows in LA than what's indicated below but we didn't list them
- come now, two peeps can't list every show in LA (we only listed 6,019 this year) but like these bands, we work hard and try to do a good blob, so please keep it easy

#1. Justus Proffit - 22 shows listed in 2019

"And the award for hardest-working band in LA goes to…." ***

“Justus Proffit!"

This solid LA songwriter makes lo-fi bedroom rock that swirls and curls so sweet and this year the scene couldn't get enough of its goodness.

Consider this you being put on notice.

Go see JP play his dreamy driving-around-town-with-the-top-down-on-a-cloudy-day jams at your earliest convenience.

Read more about Justus Proffit here.

****please note: this isn't a competition and there are no prizes, this is just for fun!

Bands they played with: Girl Pusher, Gouge Away, Radiator Hospital, Wild Wing

Most-played venues: Bootleg Theater, The Hi Hat, The Factory

#2. Cryogeyser - 19 shows listed in 2019

Cryogeyser is the dreamy new band we had on repeat for much of 2019 A.D.

Think sweetly swirling shoegaze meets pretty, reverb drenched melodies and you just might be thinking of your new favorite three-piece.

For your sake, here's their debut album that we can't stop playing (chock full of jams) to get you in the mood to go see them play.

Read more about Cryogeyser here.

Bands they played with: Palehound, Ian Sweet, Lomelda, Lauren Early

Most-played venues: Non Plus Ultra, The Monty Bar, The Echo

#3. Automatic - 18 shows listed in 2019

Post punk band Automatic* destroyed 2019 A.D. with their austere pleasure jams.

Blast their steely debut album below (please pay particular attention to the good beats). After you do, it'll be a given that you'll want to go see them.




* #1 hardest-working band of 2018!

Read more about Automatic here.

Bands they played with: Bauhaus, Wand, Colleen Green, Moaning

Most-played venues: The Echo, Zebulon, Hollywood Palladium

#4. Rosie Tucker - 18 shows listed in 2019

Rosie Tucker is an indie rocker from right here in good old L.A. who writes strong songs.

If you like solid melodies with plenty of guitar hooks and effortlessly on-point vocals you should get into this goodness ASAP.

If you don't, what on earth are you looking for? It's all right here.

Read more about Rosie Tucker here.

Bands they played with: Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, Illuminati Hotties, Worriers

Most-played venues: Bootleg Theater, Junior High, Moroccan Lounge

#5. Kevin - 16 shows listed in 2019


Kevin is a heavy, moody trio from Los Angeles currently tearing up the DIY scene.

Instead of giving into the gloom and hiding in the shadows on solitary nights, consider going to see this band bring their glorious doom live among your fellow people.

It'll be a noisy experimental good time and certainly better than staying Home Alone.

Read more about Kevin here.

Bands they played with: Goon, Ramonda Hammer, Thick

Most-played venues: Non Plus Ultra, The Factory, Echoplex

#6. GUPPY - 16 shows listed in 2019

If you like fun garage pop, GUPPY is the go-to good band for YOU.

Come for the crunchy riffs. Stay for the funny sassy songs about 7-11 and blonde mustaches.

Read more about GUPPY here.

Bands they played with: Potty Mouth, Honey Cutt, Sports Team, Godcaster

Most-played venues: The Satellite, The Hi Hat, The Factory

#7. Cheekface - 16 shows listed in 2019

Cheekface is a catchy band from Los Angeles with clever lyrics like "life is long like a CVS receipt."

Think Parquet Courts meets They Might Be Giants, maybe.

Should you get into them? Listen to you heart, but OhMyRocky says yes.

Fun eccentro punk pop FOREVER

Read more about Cheekface here.

Bands they played with: Summer Cannibals, GUPPY, The Aquadolls,

Most-played venues: The Satellite, The Hi Hat, Bootleg Theater

#8. Sonoda - 15 shows listed in 2019

Sonoda is a smooth dream pop band led by Lisa Sonoda.

These sparkling lo-fi melodies make for an excellently mellow mindset.

Give in to this goodness.

Read more about Sonoda here.

Bands they played with: Hater, Mutual Benefit, Dustin Wong

Most-played venues: The Wayfarer, Bootleg Theater, Echoplex

#9. Los Retros - 15 shows listed in 2019

Perfectly pleasant pop never hurt nobody.

Los Retros' relaxing vibes go great with everything, even a broken heart.

Read more about Los Retros here.

Bands they played with: The Red Pears, The Drums, Cuco

Most-played venues: Lodge Room, Echoplex, The Observatory

#10. Tropa Magica - 14 shows listed in 2019

Punk-cumbia-psychedelic-world-pop straight outta East Los Angeles.

Tropa Magica make breezy catchy jams out of just about everything. Abracadabra!

Sail away with this smooth band.

Read more about Tropa Magica here.

Bands they played with: King Tuff, Combo Chimbita, FIDLAR, La Luz

Most-played venues: The Observatory, La Santa, The Glass House

Rounding Out The Top 25

#11 Ty Segall (14 shows)

#12 Lunch Lady (14 shows)

#13 Ian Sweet (13 shows)

#14 Ginger Root (12 shows)

#15 Trap Girl (12 shows)

#16 Fartbarf (12 shows)

#17 Fell Runner (12 shows)

#18 Gal Pal (12 shows)

#19 Girl Friday (12 shows)

#20 Sister Mantos (11 shows)

#21 LIILY (11 shows)

#22 Janelane (11 shows)

#23 Trap PS (11 shows)

#24 Sofia Bolt (11 shows)

#25 Ariel View (11 shows)

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