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The 5 Best Shows in LA This Week

July 22, 2014

Greetings, dear Rockness reader. We came here from the future in a time machine that you invented to tell you that the following shows are the five very best this week. We have already seen them. They were amazing. And were responsible for a lifetime of memories. So you might want to consider going to them.

Oh, yeah. Save them to your “My Rockness” account so you’ll remember to not forget. This part is very important and the key to time travel. We don’t know why. You made the rules, dude.

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The Top Five Best Shows This Week

#1. White Lung at Los Globos - Wednesday - July 23 - 2014 - A.D.

Vancouver’s White Lung play nervous punk with pretty melodies. They shred. And you can impossibly almost sort of sing along. As an added bonus, they sort of sound like Pretty Girls Make Graves!

#2. Joyce Manor at Amoeba + The El Rey - Thursday + Friday - July 24 + 25 - 2014 - A.D.

Emo isn’t a dirty word, you guys!!!! Joyce Manor (straight outta Torrance) just released their exceptional new album “Never Hungover Again” and would like to play it for you if that’s cool but no worries either way. The Amoeba show is, of course, free. For the El Rey (with Tony Molina) you gotta pay. But it’ll be worth it, man. Trust us. We were there. Time machine. Remember?

#3. Obits at Bootleg - Saturday - July 26 - 2014 - A.D.

Did you miss out on seeing Drive Like Jehu or Hot Snakes? Good news. You can still see Rick Froberg’s current big time band Obits. And you’ll wanna do that if you like it loud. Because these Brooklyn dudes rip.

#4. Au Revoir Simone at The Roxy + The Observatory - Saturday + Sunday - July 26 + 27 - 2014 - A.D.

The Brooklyn ladies can rip it too, albeit in this case, in a more sublime sort of way. Au Revoir Simone play pretty perfect pop that goes great with summer. See them at both The Roxy and The Observatory. It is worth the travel time. We have lots of great memories of both shows. #timemachine

#5. Tomorrow’s Tulips at The Echo - Friday - July 25 - 2014 - A.D.

Tomorrow's Tulips are a fuzzy duo from Costa Mesa (also home to three-time Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist Misty May-Treanor - wow! mint! rare!) making blissed out lo-fi that grooves to the hum of its own chill vibrations. It’ll be a trip. Though it’s got nothing on a journey in a time machine. You should try it sometime. We highly recommend it.



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