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Band We Like

Band We Like: Winter Break

April 3, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Welcome to this week's episode of #BehindtheBlob. Today, I'd like to tell you the exciting story of how I first came across Winter Break. I was listing a show, see, (happening somewhere I don't remember) for All Dogs + Peach Kelli Pop + Upset and this is notable because I really like all three of those bands and have recently written kind words about them, that's why their names are linked like that. But anyway, there was a fourth band playing this show and that band was Winter Break. I didn't know them but I figured I'd sure as hell better considering they're surrounded by good bands and so I listened to them and now I like them. Which is why I'm writing this really great band profile for Winter Break. Thank you for tuning in to this week's episode of #BehindtheBlob.

Winter Break is a punk trio (Mark = guitar/sings most of the time + Matt = bass/sings some of the time + Aaron = drums/sings never) from San Gabriel Valley, CA and since forming somewhere circa oh let's say a few years ago (after dissolving their old band Summer Vacation, do you get it) the band has played a bunch of shows. I already mentioned one very prominently in this piece already but they've also shared bills with Joyce Manor, Tony Molina, Special Explosion and GRMLN. Whew! Surround yourself with good bands and a good band will happen... if that band also has talent…. which Winter Break does…. that helps too.

You may now listen to Winter Break's full-length album debut. It's called “Winter Break" (do you get it) and it's good.

Works best if you blast it.

File Under: Good

RIYL: Punk


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