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Written by Patrick McNamara

Nai Harvest is a blazing duo (Ben Thompson on vocals/guitar + Lew Currie on drums... which he likes to hit very hard) from Sheffield, UK that play catchy fuzz punk. I just saw them play CMJ (the one that happened in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) and they destroyed my shit so I figured I should write this profile on them for my music blob and convince maybe three more people (of which you are one) to get into them. So that's what I'm doing. Get ready to be famous, dudes.

Since forming circa 2011, the band has released two full-length albums and an EP. Their most recent record (and maybe their best) is called “Hairball" and comes courtesy of the forever excellent Topshelf Records (home to the following bands I've written about previously on my music blob and because of that they're all famous now: Braid, TWIABPAINATD, Wildhoney, toe, Donovan Wolfington, Frameworks, CSTVT, Field Mouse and several more but I'm getting tired of writing so many good band names). You can listen to the whole album right below these dynamic words if you want. I think you should. But I can't force you to.

Glancing at the historical records I have available to me after doing a music blob for 11 years, I see that Nai Harvest has recently played shows with Twin Peaks, Ultimate Painting, September Girls, Happyness, Girlpool, Makthaverskan (best band) and September Girls. Hey, I've written nice things about those bands too. Feel free to check them out by clicking their name as per the norm. Choose your own adventure.

As good as Nai Harvest might be on the record (those who have started streaming their latest album I conveniently sourced for you below already know this is true) they might be even better in person. So when they come around you can go see them if you're the type that likes seeing bands live that will make you lose your shit.

I'm that type.

In summation, here's to another really great band profile in the books and with it another really great band becomes famous. I hope they're ready for those extra three fans because we're coming.

Published October 19, 2015



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